Electroluminescent Wires 冷光線

















LyTec™ wires are a breakthrough in electroluminescent light technology. For the first time, electroluminescent light has been applied in a linear form, free from the limitations of flat



This has opened the door to the creation of electroluminscent wires. LyTec™ is the worlds

only linear light that can be produced in continuous form, and cut and shaped by the users.




LyTec™ is just 2.5mm thick, it can be coiled and knotted, and cut to any length, from a few inches to thousands of meters.


LyTec™ emits cold light and comes in seven basic colors(blue-green, white, red, yellow, purple, orange, green).


Lytec™ wires can be braided together, creating unique effects. Additional colors are under development.



Lytec™ can be powered by batteries or by 220VAC/50Hz, 110VAC/60Hz. One thousand meters of


LyTec™ wires are designed to meet UL and CE standards.


LyTec™ has been chosen by the Photonics Society as the industry's best new product and

received the Phototonies Award for 1998. Moreover, LyTec™ was selected by IAPA as the

best new product in the amusement industry.




Highway signs


Safety lighting for buses, trucks, cars, trams


Contour lighting for trains and trams


Airport emergency lighting


Aircraft aisle safety lighting


Boat and ship lighting


Pier, dock and wharf lighting


Subway car safety lighting


Parking lot lighting for card readers, signage


Dashboard lighting


License plate lighting


Marking of high voltage lines





Safety and Security:


Mine an tunnel emergency guide lighting


Safety lighting for commercial buildings




Safety clothing; road workers, police, medics, fire brigade












Theater marquees


Museums Exhibitions/ trade shows


Point of Sale (POS)





Back lighting for laptop computer display




Stick lights for directing traffic


Security path for night illumination of hazardous areas


Helicopter landing systems


Consumer Product :




Fashion: jeans, evening wear, sports clothes




Decorative items: picture frames, clocks, vases, etc.

Gift items



.....and many, many more